Love Me Tender Series
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    Love Me Tender Series
Looking for a voodoo doll with a little love? Check out these customized dolls from our Love Me Tender series. These dolls will fully meet your heart's desires through their individual meanings. Click on the doll you like to find out what their custom t-shirts or outfits mean. All these custom voodoo dolls here are made for different purposes and have different meanings, we encourage you to take the time to look around to find the right fit for you. You will have the chance to find the love of your life choose wisely!

Voodoo Dolls DY-VD170 Juliet
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD167 Lovely doll-jiajia
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD098 Heart thief
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD074B Voodoo Princess
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD074 Voodoo Princess
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD060 Love Angel
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD056 Baby for love messenger
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD135B Prisoner of Love
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD119B Voodoo Bride
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD057B Love Courier
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD036A Just the Two of Us
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD034B Love Dwarf
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD107 Casanova
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD083 Love Pirate
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD135A Prisoner of Love
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD057A Love Courier
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD172 Romeo
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD119A Voodoo Bride
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD118 Voodoo Groom
Voodoo Dolls DY-VD039 Heart Stealer

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