DY-VD093 Success 4 U
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DY-VD093 Success 4 U


Voodoo Dolls DY-VD093 Success 4 U

You would like more happiness and luck in your life; you would like to be full of good cheer everyday.

Success 4 U doesn't have a care in the world. Just look at his big belly and eternal smile! With his bag of 100 treasures and golden branch with jade leaves, Success 4 U attracts good fortune wherever he goes, much like Japan's lucky god and India's smiling Buddha. It doesn't matter if it's the tiniest trifle or the biggest catastrophe, Success 4 U can carry them away in his lucky bag. So don't worry anymore - Success 4 U will give you the luck to succeed in any endeavour.
We are a manufacturer specializing in Voodoo dolls And String Dolls in China. Now, there are more than one hundred skilled workers in our factory. We can supply the goods all year around. Our main products are Voodoo Dolls from 4-8cm with more than 200 different designs. We not only have the medium size Voodoo Doll in 10cm ,but also have bigger size in 15cm, 25cm and 35cm.Due to good quality and credit, our products have exported to all over the world. We can also accept your customization.
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