DY-VD135B Prisoner of Love
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DY-VD135B Prisoner of Love


Voodoo Dolls DY-VD135B Prisoner of Love

You need to prove your sincerity to the one you love; Couples madly in love and crazy about each other; in the name of love, you'd do anything and everything for it

Our Prisoner of Love's hands and feet are bound by love shackles for one reason: to show that his love is real and to prove that he's committed to love. Have you gotten caught when your eyes were wandering around? Then you need to prove your honesty and sincerity. You are willing to be locked up in the love prison just to be with the one you love. Boys and girls, our Prisoner of Love is the ultimate proof to show your determination to love and to be loved.
We are a manufacturer specializing in Voodoo dolls And String Dolls in China. Now, there are more than one hundred skilled workers in our factory. We can supply the goods all year around. Our main products are Voodoo Dolls from 4-8cm with more than 200 different designs. We not only have the medium size Voodoo Doll in 10cm ,but also have bigger size in 15cm, 25cm and 35cm.Due to good quality and credit, our products have exported to all over the world. We can also accept your customization.
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